Conferences & Workshops

23rd July, 2019

A workshop on ‘Magic of Forgiveness was organized in collaboration with Sadhu Vaswani Mission. A very enthusiastic and energetic team of Sadhu Vaswani Mission comprising of Mrs. Neelam Deissiza, Ms. Asha Kripalani and Mr. Hitesh Mulchandani conducted the program.

9th August, 2019

A workshop on the Draft of National Education Policy was organized at K. C. Law College to recommend the changes in the education which was been forwarded to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. In the said workshop the teaching staff of South Mumbai Campus Colleges of H.S.N.C. Board i.e. K. C. College, H.R. College, Bombay Teachers Training College and Prin. K. M. Kudnani College of Pharmacy were involved in drafting the recommendations. Prin. Dinesh Panjwani, Secretary, H.S.N.C. Board conducted the workshop.

15th January, 2020

The Department of Law, University of Mumbai & K. C. Law College jointly organized a Workshop on Self Defense for girl students. Dr. Rajeshri Varhadi, H.O.D. Dept. Of Law & Prin. Dr. Kavita Lalchandani emphasized on the need for such workshops for Women empowerment and its importance for women during the time of need. The trainer was Shri Shivaji Pawar who gave good demonstrations alongwith his assistance. Many female students voluntary participated in the workshop.

16th January, 2020

A workshop was organized on ‘Digital Literacy for Women’ by Maharashtra State Commission for Women in collaboration with Kishinchand Chellaram Law College for study of social change. The workshop was attended by more than 200 women participants from both rural and urban areas. The workshop was inaugurated by Principal Dr. Kavita Lalchandani and Ms. Rupali Kapse, Trainer on behalf of MSCW.

The trainer started her session with the role and function of State Commission for women. She further explained the various applications which the government has started for digitalization of various things i.e. banking, complaints, etc.