Vision & Mission


To be  one of the leading law college in the world,  dedicated to developing a sound foundation of legal knowledge and human values, so that students become successful lawyers in the true sense of the word.

To inculcate a sense of  professionalism among students and make them global leaders in legal practice and research.


To enable students to grow intellectually and morally upright through concerted and conscious efforts in a scholarly and vibrant learning environment.

To inculcate in the students the ethical values in life and provide holistic learning.

To prepare students to become the next generation of inspired professionals as well as innovative, sincere and dedicated leaders the world needs.

To espouse innovative methods which can possibly change the way students learn, get trained, acquire knowledge, communicate and study both on and off campus.

To provide a global learning atmosphere which gives students an opportunity to develop their personality as they can have easy exposure to international knowledge and experience that is valued in today’s personnel.

To adopt a participative teaching methodology with an emphasis on clinical legal education so as to instill not just the legal knowledge but also the requisite skills.

To impart deep knowledge of law to the students so that they are well equipped when they enter the profession.

To aspire to prepare lawyers possessing core competencies required for the practice of law, who will serve their clients with high level of commitment.