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Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board, a registered charitable educational trust was established in the year 1949. It was established by two great stalwarts, Barrister Hotchand G. Advani and Principal K. M. Kundnani soon after the Partition, with two main purposes:

1.    To provide employment facilities to the displaced persons, specially from the teaching fraternity, and

2.    To provide education to the children of the displaced, downtrodden people.

Barrister Hotchand G. Advani was founder President of the Board and Principal K. M. Kundnani was the Founder Secretary. Both these stalwarts served the Board up to the year 1991. The Board made remarkable progress under their able leadership. After them, many dedicated persons have taken up the responsibility of expanding the horizons of the Board and its success now has scaled new heights. The current dynamis leadership has taken the Board and its colleges towards globalization and modernization with latest technology.

Our Inspiration

Late. Dr. L. H. Hiranandani
Patron Trustee

Members of the Board

Mr. Niranjan L. Hiranandani
Prof. J. K. Bhambhani
Rector & Secretary
Mr. Kishu Mansukhani
Imm. Past President
Adv. Anil Harish
Past President

The roots of the Board can be traced back to the year 1917 in the establishment of a college in Hyderabad (Sind Province) with the blessings of Dr. Annie Besant. The management of his college was handed over to the Collegiate Board in 1921. Then it got affiliation from the University of Bombay as a full-fledged B.A. college. Principal K. M. Kundnani, an ex-student of this college, was appointed as a Lecturer here in 1930, by which time it had expanded into two colleges. In the year 1947, he was appointed as the Principal of the college and the Secretary of the Board.

Partition of the Indian subcontinent posed a great challenge in the same year. To him, “Hyderabad was the heart of Sind and his colleges the heart of Hyderabad”. In the changing political scenario, laced with feelings of hatred, such sentiments did not hold good. The survival of his colleges was at stake. So he took a decision to start a college in Bombay. Inspired by this new mission, guided by his pragmatic no-nonsense approach and a sense of thrift, in spite of a great risk to his life, he shipped equipment, books and a prized chair with the insignia of the college to Bombay.

After extensive search, he located a plot in the suburban outskirts of Bandra and acquired that plot in January 1949 on lease for 999 years. The first informal meeting of the HSNC Board was held on 28th February 1949 at 6.15 pm. Barrister Hotchand Advani chaired the meeting. Committees were formed to complete all formalities from establishing educational institutions. Within six months the construction was completed and Rishi Dayaram National College of Arts and Wassiamull Assomull Institute of Science started there in June 1949. The college soon developed into a center of academic activity, knowledge and culture. Principal Kundnani’s words, “R. D. National College, the Board’s first college rose Phoenix like from the colleges we had to abandon at Hyderabad (Sind), Pakistan due to the partition of our motherland”. Thus began the illustrious journey of the HSNC Board.

The Board expanded its horizons with the inception of Kishinchand Chellaram College (K. C. College) in South Mumbai in the year 1954. K. C. College has been a flagship college of the Board where great ideas emerged, and new colleges were established and run till they got a firm footing in their own independent buildings.

Kishinchand Chellaram Law College was the third college to start under the Board. Its classes first started in K. C. College building in the year 1955. This college was also named after Shri. Kishinchand Chellaram, as a tribute to him and his family for their timely and generous donations for these two colleges of the Board. He was one of the most respected gentlemen, an entrepreneur, highly influential international businessman and leader of the community and a self made man who contributed generously to all good and worthy causes.

The Foundation Stone Laying ceremony of K. C. Law College building was done at the hands of the Chief Justice of Bombay High Court, Shri. H. K. Chainani on the same campus as that of K. C. College. In 1957, construction of the K.C. Law College building was completed. The Assembly Hall of the college is named after him as a mark of respect for the services rendered by him to the Board. In recognition of the selfless services rendered by Barrister Hotchand Advani, the college library is named in honour of the memory of his revered father Barrister Gopaldas Jhamatmal Advani.

K. C. College and K. C. Law College buildings stand today as a fitting memorial to Seth Kishinchand Chellaram. In the words of Barrister Hotchand Advani, “his great name shines like a star in the sky of the Indian merchants for his ability, income and charities”. Today the HSNC Board family has grown into 17 Degree colleges and Polytechnics and 10 schools having pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher secondary education.

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